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If you run an office building, or even a singular office, you should hire a cleaning crew to come in on a regular basis. This shouldn’t be shocking news; the more important matter is that if you notice the cleaning crew slipping up, you shouldn’t feel like you have to settle for such behavior. Below, we’ll show you how to spot the signs you need to hire a new janitorial service company.

Your Current Cleaners Are Sloppy

When your cleaning crew finishes their day’s work, suffice it to say, the place should look clean. There shouldn’t be foggy windows due to poor cleaning, nor should there be leftover cleaning chemicals on the floor, walls, and other areas of the office. Not only can this look ugly, but it can also be dangerous. For instance, if a janitor improperly cleans the floor and leaves giant puddles on the ground without placing proper signage nearby, an employee can fall and become severely injured. Not only is this one of the signs you need to hire a new janitorial service company, it’s arguably the biggest sign.

They Leave Basic Duties Unfinished

What we mean by basic duties is dusting, washing the floors, cleaning the bathroom, and the other essential tasks your cleaning crew should be completing. If you walk into the office after your cleaning crew has done their magic—or should have done their magic—it will look clean, safe, and beautiful. However, if you walk in and see dust on the cabinets, fingerprints on doors, and other eyesores in the workplace, it might be time to have a serious conversation with your cleaning crew or find a new crew entirely.

They Don’t Inform You of Important Issues

The cleaning crew should keep you up-to-date on important topics, from maintenance to equipment needs. For example, if your current cleaning crew discovers an issue with pipes, electricity, or another key function in your office, they should immediately inform you of the problem and discuss how to fix it and prevent it from occurring again.

Likewise, if the cleaning crew is missing a certain product or piece of equipment and can’t complete a task while they wait for a replacement, they need to loop you in on this issue. You shouldn’t have to buy the equipment yourself, but if for some reason the cleaning crew can’t get what they need by the time they come in for their next shift, they need to let you know so you’re not left wondering why that task wasn’t properly completed.

They Charge You Way Too Much

Cleaning crews certainly aren’t free; these are valuable services they provide. That being said, you shouldn’t be paying a fortune just to keep your workplace clean and healthy. If you feel like you’re being grossly overcharged by your current cleaning service, shop around for other service providers and see what they’re charging. Don’t feel as though you’re sacrificing quality by paying lower costs; cleaning companies that match high-quality services with an affordable business model aren’t impossible to find.

Atlas Janitorial provides high-quality cleaning services to companies in the Houston area. If you’re unhappy with your current cleaning crew and need the help of a reliable janitorial company in Houston, TX, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!