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Commercial cleaning services help businesses maintain a healthy work environment for both employees and customers, which is why you shouldn’t be afraid to be picky when hiring one for your building. These tips for choosing commercial cleaning services will help you avoid simple mistakes when perusing the market.

Seek References and Reviews

The first step you should take when hiring a commercial cleaning service is researching their reputation in the industry. To do this, read through online reviews from past and current customers alike. Furthermore, ask other local businesses in your industry about their experience with certain cleaning services to see whether or not they’re worth looking into.

Inquire About Employee Hiring/Training

Even if you already have positive references and reviews for a cleaning service, you should always talk to them about their hiring practices. This, of course, includes conducting thorough background checks on new hires. If you’re allowing cleaners to walk freely throughout a work environment, it’s vital to ensure you can trust them not to steal or otherwise mishandle any company/employee property.

Additionally, inquire about employee training before hiring a cleaning service. If you don’t feel comfortable with a company’s training practices, you shouldn’t move forward with a partnership.

Ask for Proof of Insurance

Before partnering with any commercial cleaning services, always ask for proof of liability insurance. If the company has liability insurance in place, it will protect you if a cleaner is directly involved in an accident while working on your property. If the company refuses to provide any proof of insurance or business license, you’ll have to look elsewhere to find the right cleaning service for your building.

Stick To Your Schedule

Not only should a commercial cleaning service have a good reputation and the right insurance, but they should also be able to fit within your scheduling needs. Not all businesses operate at the same hours, so be sure you take this into account when working out the logistics with any cleaning service. If they aren’t quite flexible enough, you may have to search around for another reliable service provider that can work within your preferred schedule.

These tips for choosing commercial cleaning services aren’t just suggestions; they’re necessary steps all professional businesses must take before committing to a partnership. If you need services such as commercial floor cleaning in Houston, Atlas Janitorial is here to help with safe, environmentally friendly practices.