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Post Construction Cleaning


If you need construction cleaning services in Houston, Atlas Janitorial Services is your number one solution.

Have you recently finished improvement project and find yourself left with a mess? Construction can be stressful enough without having to deal with the post-construction mess it leaves behind. Atlas Janitorial Services post-construction clean-up services will help you make the transition from construction site to homestead. We are a commercial cleaning service provider that delivers non-toxic and eco-friendly floor-to-ceiling cleanings products.

We offer a variety of services and programs that can conquer all your post-construction needs. Whether it’s a quick tidying up or a more detailed, thorough deep clean, our cleaning pros have the experience, tools, and processes that will leave your Home/office looking like nothing ever happened.

Just a few of our construction cleaning services include:

  • Remove dust, dirt, smudges, and scuffs from walls
  • Dust all surfaces, woodwork, and fixtures, including ceiling fans
  • Clean trim, baseboards, window frames, and door frames
  • Clean interior masonry
  • Remove stickers from windows and glass
  • Clean window blinds, inside cabinets, and inside closets

Benefits of hiring a professional construction cleaning company

Construction and remodeling are messy jobs. At a minimum, they produce a lot of dust, which can get everywhere within a home or business. This dust settles in places where it may not always be obvious or part of everyday cleaning.

In addition, construction may leave behind debris or workers may track mud or other substances through rooms. Many materials and new surfaces, such as windows and cabinets, may have stickers or residue that need to be washed off.

All of these things are technically cleanable by the home or business owner, but it takes time. You may not have the proper filters or cleaning materials necessary or realize all the places and areas that debris and dust can settle. Often, there are also leftover materials like nails, glass, or wires that can be hazardous if handled improperly. Professionals know how to dispose of these safely, so you do not have to.

Professionals can thoroughly clean a space from top to bottom and leave it in good condition. They can also remove germs, pest infestations, and other substances that you may not have been aware of.

To learn more about our construction cleaning services in Houston, call one our staff members today.