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Whether your business is in an office building or a small shop, keeping the place clean is crucial. Not only is cleanliness crucial to workplace health, but it’s also crucial to workplace business, too. To keep the office clean, comfortable, and attractive for customers and employees, daily housekeeping is a necessity. For this reason, businesses turn to the help of janitorial services. So, what do janitorial services include? This quick guide breaks down how these professional cleaners can keep your workplace tidy.

The main purpose of a janitorial service is to complete daily cleaning tasks. These tasks include mopping floors, dusting shelves, wiping down desks, vacuuming the carpet, and taking out the trash. Janitors are especially helpful for keeping an eye on areas like bathrooms and kitchens—locations that require thorough, frequent cleaning to prevent disarray.

If you need services like post-construction clean-up or elevator repairs, a janitor usually isn’t who you’re going to turn to. Those are jobs for commercial cleaning services and elevator mechanics, respectively. This doesn’t mean a janitorial service won’t ever help with some larger, more specific maintenance tasks like carpet or tile cleaning, but it’s not always a guarantee.

In fact, all the specific services a janitorial company provides can differ slightly. For example, our janitorial services in Houston, TX, provide a unique disinfection process using EPA-approved disinfectants to sanitize frequently touched surfaces like light switches, handrails, phones, door handles, and much more. Make sure to extensively research all of the duties a janitorial service fulfills before hiring them.

As you can see, understanding the answer to “What do janitorial services include?” is fairly easy. Specific cleaning options differ between services providers, but all janitors will assist with general cleaning tasks around the workplace. Without a janitor in your office, keeping the place successfully sanitized and beautiful becomes a much larger responsibility. On the other hand, hiring a reliable janitorial service takes much of that responsibility off your back so you can focus on more pressing business matters.